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Que. When Login Show Error "DFP IS REQUIRED"

Ans.Update Your Browser and use mozila firfox and chrome browser.


What is DFP?

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) is a powerful ad server run by Google. It helps publishers organize their ad stacks and sell their advertising inventory more efficiently. There are two DFP platforms: DFP Small Business and DFP Premium.

DFP Small Business

DFP Small Business is a free product best suited for smaller to growing publishers.

How do you qualify for a DFP Small Business account? To qualify for a DFP Small Business account you need a Google AdSense account. However, you do not need to use Google AdSense ads while using DFP Small Business.

DFP Premium

DFP Premium is a paid service geared towards sites with high traffic and complex advertising setups. DFP Premium also includes Google Support in the form of an assigned account manager.

How do you qualify for a DFP Premium account? To qualify, your site must garner at least 90 million monthly impressions.

What about DoubleClick Ad Exchange?

Once your site receives 90 million impressions or more, you are obligated to use and pay for DFP Premium. But this also means you can use AdExchange, Google’s programmatic real-time bidding exchange for premium publishers.


Que.When Login and Request a file you will show this error"Phone Contains Invalid"

Ans.This error can be solve by enter your mobile no with country code. Eg mobile no is 987654321 enter +91987654321.